EM15-T Synchronous Motor Drive

EM15-T Synchronous Motor Drive

Desc.: EM15 – T series is a driver specially developed the electrohydraulic servo system. Using three phase for powerful and stable control.

EM15Products Feature

  • Adopt highperformance vector control technology to make the torque of low frequency large, enabling to output 150% ratedtorque for 0.5Hz in open loop vector mode.

  • Adopt the excellent control algorithm to make the control accuracy higher and the speed range wider.

  • Support drive synchronous motor, variable frequency motor and other types of motor

  • Built-in PID and simple PLC make the external circuit simplify.

  • Support PG collector signal, differential signal and other encoder interfaces, making the closed loop vector control realizeconveniently

  • New added functions of current realization and overvoltage suppression can effectively reduce the frequency of frequencyconverter fault protection.

  • Self- learning function of motor parameters can enhance the corresponding speed and control accuracy

  • All series conformal coating can improve the product reliability and environmental adaptation.

  • Refined protection function can support over 30 protections, including short circuit detection of electric motor, input/output phaseloss, overcurrent, overvoltage and overheat.