Frequency Inverter

EM15 series frequency inverter is based on the accurately understanding of EMHEATER for customer’s, inheriting the consistent pursuit of EMHEATER for high-quality, high reliability. EM15 series frequency inverter will bring you a new using experience with its excellent performance and powerful features.
Soft Starter

EM series soft starter is a new type start-up equipment which integrates electric force and electronic techniques, computer technique and modern control theory. It is the new generation product to replace the conventional Star-Delta starter, Self-coupling voltagedrop starter and Magnetic control voltage-drop starter.
EMSD1-Servo drine

Emsd1 servo driver, which provides offline inertia identification, automatic adjustment of rigidity setting, zero drift adjustment, vibration suppression and other functions, accurately realizes position, speed and torque control, and is simple and fast to use,  

Standard type


The composition of the peripheral protection device of the inverter is to improve the working performance of the inverter, realize the protection of the inverter and the motor, and reduce the mutual influence of the inverter and other surrounding electrical equipment.