EM16-Z Series Servo Drive

EM16-Z Series Servo Drive

Desc.: EM16 – Z series is it driver specially developed the electrohydraulic service system. In adopt the international leading motion factor control algorithm for powerful and stable performance
  1. The adoption of MODBUS makes the communication more reliable, response faster and instantaneity stronger

  2. Builtin highaccuracy and highresponse PID algorithm module can realize the pressure control accurately.

  3. Servo drive system can fully present the high performance and superiority, significantly improving the productivity.

  4. It is extremely convenient for debugging and maintenance, and the accessibility is fully considered for upper computer signalacquisition

  5. Large margin design makes the protective capability strong and makes the oil temperature and noise of the complete machineoperation significantly lower.

  6. New added functions of current realization and overvoltage suppression can effectively reduce the frequency of frequencyconverter fault protection.

  7. The product range is comprehensive and the power sections are ample, satisfying demands for various hydraulic equipmentindustries.

  8. The operation and debugging are more convenient and easier, and the design is more humanized, realizing the parallelconnection of single machine and multi - pump, confluence and liquid separation control.

  9. All series conformal coating can improve the product reliability and environmental adaptation.

  10. Refined protection function can support over 30 protections, including short circuit detection of electric motor, input/output phaseloss, overcurrent, overvoltage and overheat.