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Frequency Variation Speed Control
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2015-05-27
                                                                      Frequency Variation Speed Control 
-The popularity and Prospect of Frequency Variation Speed Control

          The electrical machinery exchange frequenvy conversion velocity modulation technology is the electricity saving,teh imorovement technical process improves the product quality and the improvement environment,the impetus technology advancement one main method now The frequency conversion velocity modulation by its outstanding velocity modulation and the braking quality,the high efficiency,the high power factor and the electricity saving effect,the widespread applicable scope and the many other meritd by the domestic grandfather was thought most has the development future velocity modulation way,The electrical transmission control system usually by the electric motor,the control device and the information installs 3 parts to be composed,the electrical transmission relates uses the electrical motor by to save the electrical energy and to control the machinery reasonably the operating condition,the realization electrical energy-mechanical energy transformation,acheves,the operating condition,the low consumption goal high quality,the electrical transmission divides into does not modulate velocity and modulates velocuty two big kinds,the velocity modulation is divided the exchange to modulate velocity and to direct current modulates velocity two ways,The variable speed motor directly does not supply power by the elcctronic technology development this kind of original manuscript more and more many changes to the velocity modulation transimission by to save the electrical energy the improvement product quality,ebhance the output therefore the velocity modulation transmission is an improment profession,already obtained teh country to take,at preaent had certain scale.

        In receny years exchange in the velocity modulation most to be active,to develop quickest in the frequency conversion velocity modulation technology,the frequency conversion velocity modulation is exchanges the velocity modulation foundation and the branch content,the last century transformer appearance causes the change voltage to become very easy,thus has accomplished a huge electric power profession.Since long ago, the alternating current causes the frequency alway is fixed,the frequency conversion velocity modulation technologu aooearance causes the frequency to become may the full use resources.
In the recent 10 years,the frequency conversion technology application has the very big development in our country,and the good effect to be possible to say,teh frequency conversion technology has accrpted for the majority users,but had to alternative but to point out,our country in frequency conversion technology application aspect,with developed country level Shang You very disparity,At presrnt,The AC motors we are using now use frequency variation speed control only about 6%,but the developed counry is 60%-70%,Japan on the air blower,water pump frequency conversion velocity modulation use rate is 10%,but our country is less than 0.01%,In Jppan air-conditioner using frequency variation technique rate is 70%,but our country‘s only then just started Embarks from this reality,the frequency conversion application work doggedly.

       And with the constant development of control technique and control avenue,frequency variation speed controlled has developed the vector controlled frerquency variation velocity modulation,by controlling the AC motor inside act for shunt DC motor field coper‘s flux,to enhance the permanent torque output scope and static and dynamic character,make the AC motir frequency variation soeed controlledsystem superior to DC motor voltage variation speed controlled system,For simplifying the control system,reducing eh fault rate,there has developed a vector controlled frequency cariation speed control.In some application which have low require ,vector controlled frequency variation speed control without speed sebsor could complrtrly with the vector controlled frqquency variation speed control that have speed sensor,The vector control has the epoch-making signifiance to the AC current motor velocity modulation.
Freqyency variation speed control is the best way in the motor speed modulation,it is the perfect gear in the company‘s technicial reform and product renewal,it is the essntial composition in the industurial automatic system,it is also the precondition in the development of informationzation.In the country;s traditional estate,using teh DC motor speed control actuation account about 85%-90%,in teh speed controlled system,but the AC speed controlled system account about 10%-15%,Low efficiencymbad quality,large cost,hugh fault rate have already been the bottleneck the restrain the developemnt of the company,So we must promotr the advanced AC frequency variation speed control technique positively,arms the traditional industry with the advanced equipment,promote a further development in the automation,the industrialization and the informationzation,