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One of our oversea customers visited EMHEATER company and factory
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2017-10-20

One of our oversea customers visited EMHEATER company and factory

    On 17th October, One of our oversea customer visited EMHEATER company and factory, we all show warm welcome about the arrival of the customer.

    Our Sales director introduce company‘s future planning, the production capacity of main products, product quality control and our technology research and development process, after discussion, EMHEATER products engineer shows the new features and development of soft starter for oversea customer, after detailed showing, customer felt satisfied with our multi-functional products, and looking forward to close cooperation.

    After the meeting, the oversea customer also visited our factory, during visiting, sales director and quality management department manager introduce the whole process of production and quality control, and give professional answers for where customer felt doubted, finally, customer was very satisfied with our high precision, high performance and high quality products and our profession.

    After the visit, both we and customer cemented the friendship and cooperation of us, oversea customer said that EMHEATER frequency inverter and soft starter are already very popular in their market, after this visit, they have more confident about EMHEATER brand, therefore, we made further planning for long-term cooperation in the fuure.

    During 2017,many customers from Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Australia, Singapore, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Japan and other countries visited EMHEATER company, it shows that EMHEATER has priority advantage in automation market.