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 CNC machine tool industry application

Technological requirements:

1)   When the numerical control machine begin cogging workpiece, due to the big feed amount and low spindle speed and the workpiece surface is uneven which will have impact load during the processing.
2)   When the CNC is finishing machining with small feed amount, in order to guarantee the machining efficiency which needs the high speed of spindle.
3)   Require the spindle motor running with low speed high torque output, and output overclocking operation.
4)   Signal given by frequency and actual motor speed have high linearity , little interference with load.



System advantages:

1)   low frequency 0.5 Hz can achieve 150% rated torque output, guarantee open, blank processing with strong cutting force.
2)   The highest output frequency is 400 Hz, completely meet the CNC machine tool‘s high frequency processing requirements.
3)   Current closed-loop control, 180% rated torque deceleration, don‘t skip.Current protection, fast system response speed.
4)   Provide two frequency input mode : voltage source 0 ~ 10 V input, current source 4 ~ 20 mA or 0-20 mA input.
5)   Good speed signal input and actual speed output linearity, ±1%
6)   Built-in RS485 interface, computer networking control .
7)   Through the strict lattice EMS test, strong anti-interference ability.
8)   Built-in brake unit, optional braking resistor.

System configuration:

EM9 series frequency inverter: built-in brake unit.  According the power to choose the braking resistance


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