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Ball mill industry application

The necessity of reform

With the increasingly furious marketing competition, how to save the energy and cut down the Production  cost is become the concern of all enterprises. Therefore,minimize the power consumption of the ball mill for energy saving is the big significance for the economic efficiency of enterprises.

1)   The ball mill has starting mode and control mode which is not energy saving, it will save a lot of electricity by using  variable frequency inverter.

2)   With the existing starting way, the ball mill‘s gear will be damage easily and cost lots of maintenance fees as the impact to the machine is quite big when starting. 

3)   With the existing starting mode , the impact current to the ball mill is quite big when starting the machine  (usually rated current of 7 ~ 8 times), which will influence power grid               voltage fluctuation. The lower the power grid voltage, the serious damage to the other electric equipment which will cause the normal production.

4)   The widespread use of the drive mode is: the three-phase ac motor Machine - hydraulic coupler - gear reducer - pulley reducer. As the ball Mill is constant torque load, using the         hydraulic coupler to control speed , the adjustment Speed efficiency is equal to the speed ratio, a large part of energy in the hydraulic coupling will be wasted, increase the ball mill       energy consumption.

In order to meet the users‘ the requirements of ball mill starting and grinding , with the Ball mill equipment manufacturer‘s assistance ,EM9 inverter use the built-in PLC tracking control system to monitor the crash condition between the grinding medium and materials. EM9 Summarized a complete set of frequency control ball mill processing technology, which can adjust the output frequency necessarily for energy saving on the premise that powder fineness and the same time processing time.

System advantages

1)    Special control chip has a plenty of software and hardware resources;

2)    Continuously adjust the running speed available, without impact current when motor starting;

3)    large starting torque,  sensorless vector control 0.5 Hz / 200% amount rated torque;

4)    low input and output harmonic content , high input power factor;

5)    Do not need to add filter and power factor compensation, can directly drive General motor;

6)    Multiple speed control is simple, fully realized: mixing, coarse grinding, fine Grinding, grinding, and improve the quality of  process control .

7)    Overcome ball mill big inertia  rebound voltage, effectively Protect  equipment normal operation;

8)    Good overload ability, perfect protection function and management function;

9)    Main device are used the world first-class manufacturer‘s mature products, Product from components to semi-finished products and finished products, all achieve 100% of strictly        Test. The products are 100% completed 8 more than 72 hours before they leave the factory. All with the load testing records to ensure the reliability of the products.


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Ball mill operation parameters

Factory value

Procedure running time unit

0: S(seconds)
1: M(minutes)
2: H(Hours)

Procedure running mode

0:Single cycle 1(After 7 steps speed running, inverter stops)
1: Continuous cycle
2: Single cycle 2(Keeping 7 steps frequency, inverter runs)

Procedure running time 1

0.0-6000.0 (Unit of time by F8.18 set)


Procedure running time 2


Procedure running time 3


Procedure running time 4


Procedure running time 5


Procedure running time 6


Procedure running time 7


Acceleration time 1

0.1~3600.0s Depend on model

Multiple speed 0

-100.0~100.0% 0.0%

Multiple speed 1


Multiple speed 2


Multiple speed 3


Multiple speed 4


Multiple speed 5


Multiple speed 6


Multiple speed 7