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Output AC Choke
Model:EM-RAO Series
Product Features:
 l Rated working voltage: AC 3/380V~480V

l Tolerance voltage test: 3.5KV, AC/50Hz/5mA/60s

l Application of frequency: 0~60Hz

l Power: 0.4~600KW

l Working noise: <65dB

l Insulation resistance: 1000VDC: >100MOhm

Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
l Reduce motor noise, eddy current losses and reduce motor temperature rise.

l Lower current leakage resulting from higher harmonic wave, reduce RF interference to peripheral equipment.

l Smooth the inverter output voltage and current waveforms, reducing transient voltage DV/DT impact on the motor insulation system, extending motor life span.

l Extend the effective distance between motor and inverter and reduce cable capacitive current, protecting the inverter inside power switch components