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Input AC Choke
Model:EM-RAI3 Series
Product Features:
l Rated working voltage: AC 3/380V~480V

l Tolerance voltage test: 3.5KV, AC/50Hz/5mA/60s

l Application of frequency: 0~60Hz

l Power: 0.4~600KW

l Working noise: <55dB

l Insulation resistance: 1000VDC: >100MOhm

Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
l Reducing working frequency inverter and DC speed regulator interference to other devices, like harmonic interference, waveform distortion.

l Enhance the capability of frequency inverter resistance to voltage unbalance degree. (Unbalance degree > 1.8% of rated voltage).

l Protection frequency inverter rectifier modules and related components damage from pinnacle capacitive current due to low internal power resistance. (When power supply capacity is 5 times larger than frequency inverter capacity).

l Improve the power factor of power supply, lower harmonic current content in the inverter power supply.

l Reduce current and voltage waveform distortion rate, improve the quality of power supply.