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 Injection molding machine industry application
Energy saving principle
According to the work condition of the injection molding machine, automatic regulation of the oil pump motor speed to control oil pump fuel delivery, guarantee the oil pump fuel delivery and molding machine hydraulic load in each session are consistent. The energy consumption is the smallest for the oil pump motor in a complete injection work cycle, eliminate overflow phenomenon and ensure the injection molding processing quality and efficiency is not affected. Injection molding machine is using the closed loop control, check the pressure and flow signal of injection molding by sensor .Regulate the oil pump speed automatically. Keep fuel delivery meeting with injection molding machine needs(reduce output power).All of the above is to get energy saving 20%-65%.

Injection machine system principle

Basic wiring diagram

System advantages

1)   Improve power factor, reduce reactive loss, with soft starting characteristics, no big current shock when starting.

2)   Retain injection molding machine‘s oil pump motor original Y train/boot/operation unchanged;

3)   Reduce the hydraulic oil temperature, reduce the amount of cooling water. Hydraulic oil pump Life can be prolonged 8 times;

4)   Frequency inverter with V/F optimization curve choice, increase four middle point which can be used to set up the operation curve;

5)   Power frequency operation/variable frequency energy saving operation mode can be freely to switch, even Energy-saving controller is faulty, immediately to power frequency               operation, do not affect normal production.

6)   Perfect operation indication and fault inquires function;

7)   Do not change the operation mode of original system, the operation workers do no need to be trained, do not affect production and processing efficiency.

8)   To reduce the noise: the noise is reduced about 10 db after transforming equipment which make equipment more stable and improve the working environment. 

9)   No need to adjust the electricity saving controller during production process , and There are many protection function, simple, safe and convenient.

Energy saving sketch


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