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CNC machine tools application

CNC machine tools solve complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of machining problems, is a flexible, high performance automatic machine, it represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology, is a typical mechatronic products.

In order to improve the performance of CNC machine tools, the supporting EMHEATER AC servo system of CNC machine tool feeding program has the following characteristics:

  1. High accuracy: ensure machining quality and efficiency, ensure the positioning accuracy and machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. Achieve high positioning accuracy is required in the position control, such as 1 µm and 5 µm; In speed control, it requires high speed precision, strong ability to resist disturbance, which requires static and dynamic velocity drop as small as possible.
  2. Rapid response: keep the profile accuracy and surface roughness of cutting shapes, in addition to ensuring a high degree of positioning accuracy, it also assurances of the system‘s rapid response, refer to the tracking signal in response to a fast location tracking error (location tracking precision) to be small.
  3. A wide speed range: CNC machine tools, feed servo system in 0~24m/min) can work under wide speed range.
  4. Low speed high torque: according to the machining characteristics, mostly in low speed heavy cutting, feeding servo system ensures high torque output.

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