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 Injection molding machine application

Currently, hydraulic drive technology is the most widely used injection molding machine drive control method, from the constant displacement pump system, to the development of proportional variable pump system, and to closed-loop proportional variable pump system. Today, servo motor-driven hydraulic pump system has innovated the hydraulic injection molding machine driving technology again.

EMHEATER AC servo system has high response, energy-saving, low noise, and high precision control advantages, hydraulic drive technology has mature control technology, long life, far drive distance, and easily low maintenance cost advantages, servo motor drive pump has achieved electric and hydraulic drive technology of perfect combination, makes drive system of power output and machine load needs in high consistent, power loss greatly reduced.

Equipped with EMHEATER AC servo system of injection molding machine can realize 20%--80% energy-saving more than ordinary injection molding machine, saving effect nearly all electric injection molding machine. Due to the high frequency response of servo pump, closed-loop control method,  injection molding machine can obtain high repeat accuracy. Equipped with EMHEATER AC servo system injection molding machine is suitable for producing various kinds of precision products.